E Visa without valid Certificate of Enrollment

This section is intended for E-1 or E-2 visa applicants who own, or are employed by, a company without a valid Certificate of Enrollment in the Amsterdam E Visa program. If the applicant or legal representative is not sure whether the company holds a valid Certificate of Enrollment, please contact the E Visa Unit at AmsterdamEVisas@state.gov. If your company does hold a valid Certificate of Enrollment, please follow instructions at the relevant link above.

Please read carefully and follow the five steps below.



Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

Please complete a DS-160 for the principal applicant and each family member accompanying the principal applicant.

Register with the online payment system (https://ais.usvisa-info.com) and pay the visa fees for yourself and your family members. Please note that the application fee is nonrefundable.

Please follow the instructions carefully. If the application is incomplete or incorrectly formatted, an E Visa Unit member will contact the principal applicant and/or legal representative for resubmission of the documents or application.

Please download and read all the instructions.

The U.S. Consulate General in Amsterdam accepts E visa applications via electronic submission only. Please submit the entire E visa application package to AmsterdamEvisas@state.gov.

Please submit all documents in English. If the documents is not in English please provide an official typed translation. Documents should be germane to the case.

Please limit attachments to 5 MB; zipped files may be sent, if necessary. Do not send linked or password-protected files as we cannot access or open these.

Please assemble the package according to the guidelines outlined in the downloadable instructions linked above. Do not include brochures or business plans that contribute little or nothing to the value of the case. We evaluate many applications monthly. Think lean and demonstrate your business prowess.

Within two days of receiving an email application package, we will send an email confirming receipt. Do not inquire for status updates on cases that have not exceeded the current average processing time of twelve weeks or more from receipt of the complete package.

If the application package is incomplete or incorrectly formatted, the processing time will take significantly longer as we will need to invest additional resources in determining which documents are missing and communicating with the applicant and any legal representative regarding the application.

The E Visa Unit may request additional documentation in support of an application.

For questions about a submitted case or general E visa questions, contact AmsterdamEvisas@state.gov.

Once the E Visa Unit has reviewed an application, we will invite the applicant to schedule an appointment for interview with a consular officer. We send this invitation via email to both the applicant’s email (provided on the DS-160 online application) and the legal representative’s email when provided on: G-28 Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative.

On the same day as the email invitation, our staff updates the applicant’s U.S. Visa Info account to “Needs Follow-Up Appointment” or “Ready to Schedule”.

At that time, the applicant should login to his or her U.S. Visa Info account and schedule an appointment for the principal applicant and any accompanying family members. Applicants aged 14 and older are required to appear in person for the appointment. Applicants younger than 14 should be included in the scheduled appointment, but are not required to attend the interview. Please try to schedule the entire group for the same block of time.

If the visa is approved at the interview and provided that no additional administrative processing is necessary, passport(s) and visa(s) will be returned via registered post 3-4 business days after the interview date.