Nonimmigrant Visas

The U.S. Consulate in Amsterdam is providing limited immigrant visa services (IR-1, IR-2, CR1, CR-2, IR5 and K visas) and very limited non-immigrant visa services for students and certain petition-based workers that qualify for an exception to current travel restrictions.  Wait times will remain significantly longer than usual as we resume services safely.  The safety of our Consulate staff and our applicants remains our guiding principle and we’ve implemented several measures to keep staff and customers safe, including physical distancing in our waiting room and spacing out appointments to reduce crowding. These safeguards have temporarily reduced our visa processing capacity, just as it has at many posts around the world.

How to make a visa appointment and request an expedited visa appointment
Please use our 
online appointment system to make or reschedule a non-immigrant visa appointment.  If you have an urgent life-or-death matter, or work/study in a critical medical field, and need to travel immediately, please follow the guidance provided at, and include in your expedite request detailed information on the nature of the emergency and dates of travel.  Supporting documentation should also be sent to  Routine travel requests, for example, to resume or begin work in the United States will not be considered for expedite.  We are also currently unable to consider emergency appointment requests for applicants not currently in the Netherlands.  Travelers that already have valid nonimmigrant visas or ESTA and believe they qualify for a national interest exception (NIE) should follow the instructions here for how to request an NIE.

For applicants currently in the United States: please note, the conditions under which persons may travel from Schengen countries have changed suddenly and unpredictably and may do so again. Travelers should only depart the United States with the understanding that they may not be allowed to return.  Please be advised that you remain in legal status in the United States as long as you remain in status with DHS.  If you depart the United States we cannot guarantee we’ll be able interview you nor that the standards for granting a National Interest Exception (which are already very narrow) will not get more restrictive.

Do you think you qualify for an NIE and normally travel on ESTA or already have a valid visa?  You may not have to apply for a visa.   If you already have a valid ESTA authorization or can apply for one (here:, or if you have a currently valid visa, you can request a national interest exception to the Presidential Proclamation 10143 that would allow you to travel without having to come to the Consulate for a visa interview by contacting us through

The Consulate General in Amsterdam is responsible for providing visa services to those seeking to enter the United States for a temporary period and for those wishing to take up indefinite or permanent residence in the United States. There is no visa section at the U.S. Embassy in The Hague.

Please visit our Global Support Services (GSS) website for complete information on applying for a nonimmigrant U.S. visa, including a directory of nonimmigrant visa categories.

For visa questions or setting up an appointment:

Contact our visa information center.

Visiting the nonimmigrant visa unit

Nonimmigrant visa services are available by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled through Bring the required documents, the appointment confirmation page and proof of payment for all applicants. If you arrive late or unprepared, we may ask you to re-schedule your appointment. It is advisable to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your actual appointment time

Please take the time to read our Security Notice and watch our tips for a smooth visit before you visit

Visiting & mail address:
U.S. Consulate General
Nonimmigrant Visa
Museumplein 19
1071 DJ Amsterdam

The nonimmigrant visa section does not take inquiries.

Opening Hours:

The U.S. Consulate General is open for visa appointments from Monday through Thursday, 8:30-15:30, except for Dutch and U.S. Holidays. Please see our Holiday Calendar for more information.

Visiting Instructions:

Please see our visiting instructions before your appointment.

Follow these four steps to apply for your nonimmigrant visa:

  1. Determine the appropriate visa category for your travel (use our visa wizard).
  2. Complete the DS-160 on-line visa application at the CEAC website.
  3. Register, pay the fee and set up your appointment at, our visa service provider.
  4. Read the access and security instructions and visit the U.S. Consulate General in Amsterdam.