Immigrant Visa Fees

Immigrant visa fees* and related fees, e.g. the application fee for a transportation letter or a waiver, can be paid at the Consulate General in Amsterdam in three ways:

  • cash dollars or euro equivalent. If paying cash, please bring exact change.
  • by credit card (Visa, Master, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club)

Paying immigrant visa fees by Pin Card is not possible in Amsterdam.

Immigrant Visa Fees U.S. $ Euro as of
August 17, 2020
Filing a I-130 Immigrant Visa petition overseas $535 €482
Filing an DS-117 form for determining SB-1 Returning Resident Status $180 €162
Filing an I-600/600A petition $775 €698


Immigrant visa cases that are started outside the United States will require an additional application processing fee at the end of the process. 
(Note: This applies to a few cases started in the United States as well.)

Immigrant Visa Fees U.S. $ Euro as of
August 17, 2020
Family-based immigrant visa $325 €293
Employment-based immigrant visa $345 €311
Diversity Lottery immigrant visa $330 €297
Other immigrant visas (SIV, etc.) $205 €185

*Some immigrant visa applicants may need to apply for a waiver or may need to be fingerprinted. The fees for this are additional to the regular application processing fee and can be paid in the same manner, as explained above. Medical examination fees All immigrant visa applicants, including fiancé(e) visa applicants, regardless of age, are required to undergo a medical examination. The fees for the examination are to be paid in euro only, to the Consulate General’s panel physicians and are currently:

Medical fee (to be paid cash and in Euro only)
Medical Examination Adult (15 years of age and up) €210
X-Ray photograph (applicants 15 years of age and up) €50
Medical Examination Child (under 15 years of age. No X-Ray photograph is required) €95
These fees do not include any vaccinations and are subject to change

Application fees are non-refundable. You pay to apply, regardless of the outcome of your application. The Consulate does not have the authority to waive an application fee.