2000 dancers gather from 24 countries to celebrate ‘Uniquely American’ pastime


The 10th European Square Dance Convention is taking place in Amsterdam July 20-22. The weekend is a gathering of members of the European Association of American Square Dancing Clubs ( EAASDC). Three Dutch clubs (the Tulip Twirlers, Rainbow Strollers, and the Motiveters) organized the event along with Maarten and Wil Weijers.

This is the first time the event has been organized in the Netherlands. Two thousand square dancers from 24 countries are going to be Square- and Round dancing all weekend. Dancers traveled from as far away as Australia and Sierra Leone to participate. Public Affairs Counselor Sherry Keneson-Hall spoke at the opening ceremony and congratulated the organizers on their success.  She also led a special round of applause for Dave Presskit, a German-American, who has been an active dance caller for 50 years.

The Smithsonian Institute said that square dancing is an uniquely American form of entertainment. Square dancing was influenced by Native Americans, African Americans, and European Immigrants. It is still being influenced today by people all around the world.