Extra Pages

Additional Passport Pages

As of January 1, 2016, Visa Page Inserts (VPI) are no longer available for U.S. passports at Embassies and Consulates outside the United States. To mitigate the impact of this change, the Department of State began issuing 52-page passport books in October 2014, which means more pages in every passport.

Q. I have a valid 28-page standard passport; am I required to replace it?

A. No. Your passport is valid until it expires, and is good for travel until all the pages are full. If all the pages are full before your passport expires, you will have to replace it.

Q. When I renew my passport, will you automatically issue me with a 52-page passport?

A. Yes, all full-validity passports issued at Embassies and Consulates abroad have been 52-page books since October 1, 2014.

Q. If that is the case, do I need to specifically request a 52-page passport?

A. Yes. When completing the passport application form DS-11, DS-82 or DS-5504, you must tick the box for a 52-page book.

Q. Why are VPI being eliminated?

A. They pose vulnerabilities to the security of a passport and to the issuance process.