Traveling with Minors

If a minor, under the age of 18, is traveling with only one parent or someone who is not a parent or legal guardian, what paperwork should the adult have to indicate permission or legal authority to have that child in their care? Visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website to find out.

U.S. Citizens, please be aware that the Dutch authorities at Schiphol airport give extra scrutiny to parents traveling alone with minor children in order to prevent international child abduction.  If a parent or other relative is traveling alone with a child, the best way to smooth the journey is to fill out and bring to the airport the “consent for traveling with minor abroad” form.  Travelers should also bring a copy of the authorizing adults’ passport or identity card. The Dutch government says that the form is not compulsory, but they note it will speed your passage through border controls and avoid unnecessary delays and possibly missed flights.

More information can be found at ““.  The English version can be found by clicking on the Union Jack flag in the upper right corner of the page.