CRBA Checklist

Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) Appointment Checklist

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.  Applicants are subject to screening and may not bring in electronics – review our guidelines for visiting the Embassy or Consulate.

You must bring the original of all documents below or you may have to reschedule your appointment:

Application (not applicable if submitting application online via MyTravelGov account): Completed and printed DS-2029 form . Do not leave any item blank.  If a question does not apply, mark “N/A” (not applicable). Important: Accurately complete the physical presence dates of the U.S. citizen parent(s) prior to the child’s birth on item 2j, page 2.

Application Fee (not applicable if submitting payment online via The $100 U.S. dollar CRBA application fee must be paid at the appointment in cash euro, by credit card, or U.S. debit card. Dutch PIN cards cannot be used, nor can you pay with cash dollars.

Netherlands Birth Certificate: The original or certified copy issued by the Civil Registry; we prefer both the Dutch only, and the International version.

Proof of Parent’s Citizenship: At least one of the following documents for the U.S. citizen parent(s): U.S. passport (valid or recently expired), original U.S. birth certificate, or original Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship (if not born in the USA). Click here  for examples of citizenship evidence. To qualify for a CRBA, the U.S. citizen parent must have been a U.S. citizen prior to the child’s birth.

Proof of Parents’ Identity: Passport, driver’s license, etc.

Marriage/Divorce Certificate(s): 

  • If the parents are married, provide the original or certified copy of the marriage certificate and divorce certificates or death decrees that terminated any prior marriages, if applicable.

Physical Presence

  • Proof of U.S. citizen parent’s physical presence in the United States:
  • The period of physical presence in the United States required to transmit citizenship depends on the child’s date of birth and the marital status of the parents. Review the requirements here .
  • You must provide documentary evidence of physical presence, such as Social Security statement SSA-7004, naturalization certificate, school transcripts, school diplomas, tax forms with W-2s, paystubs, passport with entry and exit stamps, utility bills in the name of the parent, lease agreements, mortgage statements, military records DD-214, credit card statements, etc.

U.S. Passport Application: If you will apply for the child’s U.S. passport at this appointment, you must provide the following: 

  • Application form DS-11  completed and not signed. Print the completed form single-sided; we cannot accept double-sided forms. The DS-11 form must be completed using the link above; other versions of the form are not accepted.
  • Completed declaration stating your child has not been issued a Social Security number.
  • U.S. passport-style photo of the child. One new 5×5 cm photo that meets all photo requirements .
  • Application Fee: The $135 U.S. dollar passport application fee must be paid at the appointment in cash euro, by credit card, or U.S. debit card. Dutch PIN cards cannot be used, nor can you pay with cash dollars. All application fees are nonrefundable.