Traveling alone with your kids this summer? Be prepared to avoid delays

Kid next to a sand bucket on top of the white gypsum sand. (NPS Photo)

Authorities at Schiphol Airport take seriously their responsibilities to protect children.  One way is to require additional screening of minors traveling alone or with only one parent.  If you are traveling alone with kids this summer, or are entrusting them in the care of someone else, we recommend you fill out and bring with you to the airport the Consent for Traveling with Minor Abroad (pdf, 668Kb), along with a copy of the authorizing adults’ passport or identity card, and any other pertinent documentation (e.g., custody orders, divorce decrees, etc.).  While not mandatory, Schiphol authorities say that this is best way to avoid unnecessary delays and make your flight on time.

More information about traveling with minors can be found at ““.  Click the Union Jack flag in the upper right corner of the page for English.

To prevent international child abduction, the Royal Marechaussee (Kmar) may conduct additional screening for passengers traveling alone with minor children.  This happens frequently at the airport and takes extra time.  Don’t run the risk of missing your flight; arrive early and have necessary documentation with you.

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