Talking about water management, hydraulic engineering, and quantum computing at TU Delft

From left to right: Joe Monroe, student in Aerospace Engineering; John Watson, postdoctoral researcher at QuTech; CDA Shawn Crowley; Antonia Sebastian, postdoctoral researcher in Civil Engineering & Geosciences and former Fulbright scholar at TU Delft; Maddie Keefer, Fulbright researcher, Civil

Chargé d’Affaires Shawn Crowley visited TU Delft, April 10, to learn about the cutting edge research being conducted on campus in the fields of water management and quantum computing. He was also able to meet with some American students, faculty members, and researchers at the university.  While at the technical university, Wim Uijttewaal, Professor of Experimental Hydraulics, described the features of TU Delft’s Waterlab, where researchers from the departments of Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering conduct practical water research under real-world conditions. Examples include measuring the impacts of vegetation on water flow in rivers.  Using nature can minimize the need for re-dredging.  He also learned about TU Delft’s cutting-edge research into quantum computing at QuTech and how the university cooperates with the United States.