Secretary Tillerson’s Press Conference at NATO

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited NATO Headquarters during his travels this week to Belgium, Austria, and France.  On December 6, 2017, he spoke at a press conference in Brussels.   SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, good afternoon, all. It truly is a pleasure to be back in Brussels. Someone reminded me this is my seventh trip to Europe already this ... Read More»

Secretary Tillerson speaks on The U.S. and Europe: Strengthening Western Alliances

Remarks by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson The Wilson Center Washington, DC – November 28, 2017 The Wilson Center has made many important contributions to public policy over the years, and therefore it’s a very fitting venue for our discussion today on Europe, considering that 100 years ago this year the United States entered World War I ... Read More»

Message from Secretary Tillerson on the 242nd Anniversary of the U.S. Marine Corps

On behalf of the Department of State and all of our employees serving overseas and at home, I wish the United States Marine Corps congratulations on its 242nd birthday. The Department and the Corps have a special, historic relationship. U.S. Marines have safeguarded our embassies and consulates since 1949, but our common effort to promote ... Read More»

On the Anniversary of the 9/11 Terror Attacks

Press Statement Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State Washington, DC September 11, 2017 Today we remember the victims of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, and honor the heroes who valiantly saved many lives that day, even sacrificing their own. Their courage on that day remains an example of the character of the American ... Read More»

Secretary Tillerson’s Remarks on the 2016 International Religious Freedom Annual Report

Washington, DC- August 15, 2017 SECRETARY TILLERSON: Morning, all. We are releasing today the  2016 International Religious Freedom Report.  This report is a requirement pursuant to the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 – legislation that upholds religious freedom as a core American value under the Constitution’s First Amendment, as well as a universal human right. This law calls for the government ... Read More»

Secretary Tillerson’s Remarks at the 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report Launch Ceremony

Department of State Ben Franklin Room Washington, DC June 27, 2017   Well, thank you so much, Susan, and welcome to all of you to the State Department for this important event, and particularly I’m honored to welcome members of Congress, and in particular I want to highlight the leadership of Chairman Corker who’s with ... Read More»

Statement from Secretary Tillerson on 2017 LGBTI Pride Month

Press Statement Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State Washington, DC June 7, 2017 2017 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Pride Month In recognition of LGBTI Month, the Department of State affirms its solidarity with the human rights defenders and civil society organizations working around the world to uphold the fundamental freedoms of LGBTI ... Read More»

Secretary Tillerson’s statement on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Marshall Plan

Press Statement Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State Washington, DC June 6, 2017 Seventy years ago, on June 5, 1947, Secretary of State George C. Marshall laid out his bold vision for the United States to help the war-ravaged nations of Europe recover from the massive destruction of World War II. Marshall’s vision was central ... Read More»

On the Occasion of Europe Day

Press Statement Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State Washington, DC May 9, 2017 In honor of Europe Day, I join all Americans in offering our best wishes to the citizens of the European Union. The United States and the European Union have a strong and enduring partnership based on our shared democratic values, strong economic ... Read More»

Secretary Tillerson Addresses State Department Employees in Washington

Remarks Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State Dean Acheson Auditorium Washington, DC May 3, 2017 SECRETARY TILLERSON: Good morning. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you. Are we on? Can you all hear me back there in the back? Can you hear me now? (Laughter.) Can you hear me now? AUDIENCE: Yes. SECRETARY TILLERSON: All right. I ... Read More»

World Press Freedom Day

Press Statement Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State Washington, DC May 3, 2017 Today, on World Press Freedom Day, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting the fundamental principles of a free press around the world. We honor those men and women who work tirelessly, often at great personal risk, to tell the stories we would ... Read More»

Secretary Tillerson – NATO Foreign Ministerial Intervention Remarks

Remarks Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State Brussels, Belgium March 31, 2017 Good morning, Secretary General and my fellow ministers, and thank you for the opportunity to speak. Let me be very clear at the outset of my remarks: the U.S. commitment to NATO is strong and this Alliance remains the bedrock for transatlantic security. ... Read More»

Statement by Secretary of State Tillerson on the Attack in London

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Office of the Spokesperson Statement By U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson March 22, 2017 On the Attack in London On behalf of the United States, I express my condolences to the victims and their families. The American people send their thoughts and prayers to the people of the United Kingdom. We ... Read More»

Secretary Tillerson: Remarks Following Meeting With Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Remarks Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State World Conference Center Bonn, Germany February 16, 2017 SECRETARY TILLERSON: So I want to make a very brief statement. Foreign Minister Lavrov and I had a productive meeting and we discussed a range of issues of mutual concern. As I made clear in my Senate confirmation hearing, the ... Read More»

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson: Welcome Remarks to Employees

Remarks Rex W. Tillerson Secretary of State Washington, DC February 2, 2017 SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, good morning, all. We apologize for being late. It seemed that this year’s prayer breakfast, people felt the need to pray a little longer. (Laughter.) But I certainly welcomed them all, so – thank you for such a warm reception. ... Read More»
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