Cultural Corner: Thanksgiving in the Pieterskerk

This was the church where the lives of the Pilgrims were recorded: their births, marriages, and deaths. Their minister, John Robinson, was buried here. This is the Pieterskerk in Leiden.  After fleeing England in 1609, the Pilgrims found their way to Leiden, by way of Amsterdam. They stayed here until 1620, when a group of them ... Read More»

Thanksgiving in the home of the pilgrims

In many ways, this is where it all started: Leiden’s Pieterskerk in the Netherlands. In 1620, 35 pilgrims departed Leiden for Plymouth in England. From there, they sailed onward aboard The Mayflower to the new colonies of Massachusetts. The first harvest festival celebrated in the new colony is seen as the origin of Thanksgiving. And here, ... Read More»
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