Statement Regarding the Attack on U.S. Citizens in Amsterdam

Press Statement

September 5, 2018-

The U.S. citizens injured in the attack at Amsterdam Central Station on August 31 would like to thank some of the people who have helped them through this difficult ordeal.  First, they thank the Dutch police for their quick and professional actions.  The victims said the police have been empathetic and remained by their sides the entire time.  They cannot thank them enough for what they did to save their lives.  They also are grateful for the work of the Dutch Police’s Family Unit for relieving some of their families’ burdens by coordinating housing, transportation, and providing updates on the investigation and continued support.  They appreciate the assistance offered by the Victims Unit in providing them space for dialogue and healing.

They also appreciate the attendant at the information counter at the train station for immediately coming to help them and staying with them until first responders arrived.  They thank the staff of the emergency room for delivering “life altering news as gently as possible.”  They said their spirits have been lifted by the care of the nurses and surgeon.  They would like to recognize the nurses for their kindness, encouragement for their family members, and continuous support.

Finally they send thanks to the staff of the U.S. Mission in the Netherlands for the professional interactions, for providing up-to-date news, and for ensuring that their safety is the top priority of the Mission.  They add the actions of the Mission “made us proud to be Americans.”

The victims and their families said they appreciate everyone’s support, thoughts, and prayers.  The families are focusing on both physical and emotional recovery.  They hope to return to living meaningful and productive lives in the United States.  They want to thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts.

The U.S. Embassy continues to ask that the privacy of the victims and families be fully respected as they heal.  Thank you.