Ivy Circle Student Send-Off

20150702_Ivy_Circle_Send-off_013 _1_

The Ivy Circle of the Netherlands organized a proper send-off for a group of students traveling to the United States of America to study next semester.  Acting Consul General John Wilcock was on hand to give remarks. The event was held in the middle of the sunny Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

Acting Consul General John Wilcock stressed the importance for both countries to continue their intercultural dialogue through educational exchange which is also one of the pillars of the State Department’s diplomacy efforts.

20150702_Ivy_Circle_Send-off_011 _1_For the students he had two important messages: first, take full advantage of the experience of studying in another country and second don’t forget to have fun!

The Ivy Circle is an association of alumni from leading American universities living in the Netherlands. They connect more than 1500 members with business, social, and cultural sectors. For more information on the Ivy Circle click here.

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