Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)

The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) at the American Embassy in The Hague represents the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Working from the U.S. Embassy in The Hague, its mission is to represent the interests of U.S. agriculture and promote the sale of American food and agricultural, fisheries and forestry products.

These responsibilities are principally accomplished via reporting commodity and trade developments, coordinating policy issues with host government officials and promoting the sale of U.S. food, agricultural, forestry and fishery products. We provide trade services for local importing companies seeking U.S. products and U.S. companies wishing to develop markets in our region of responsibility.

Laura Geller, Agricultural Counselor
Office of Agricultural Affairs
Embassy of the United States of America
John Adams Park 1
2244 BZ Wassenaar, Netherlands
Tel: +31 70 310 2299

Getting Started

  • Contact FAS The Hague for advice and support on exporting food and agricultural products to the Netherlands.
  • Find out more about the services offered by the U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service in the Netherlands and in Europe on the website.

U.S. food and agricultural products are recognized worldwide for their quality, taste and safety. FAS offers a range of services to assist international buyers in locating American suppliers and sourcing products.

Exporting Food Products to the Netherlands and Nordics

FAS The Hague assists U.S. exporters with questions they may have about the Netherlands and Nordic markets. Depending on the product, we can provide lists of importers, assist with local knowledge of import procedures, and provide information on consumer trends and trade shows. FAS The Hague Market Intelligence Reports are available on the FAS Reports Database. Subjects covered include Food Processing, Retail Foods, HRI Foodservice, Exporter Guide and Food & Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS) reports.