Access and Security Notice

Access to U.S. Government buildings is governed by very strict security regulations. This is not only to protect our staff but also you, our customer, our guest.

It is advisable to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your actual appointment time.

All services are available by appointment only.

Also take note of the Dutch and American holidays before planning your visit.

To facilitate your entry into the Consulate General in Amsterdam, please adhere to the following rules:

Do not:

  • bring your laptop, tablet, I-Pad or any other such electronic device. Such items are strictly inadmissible and will delay your entry. Mobile phones are allowed (see below).
  • bring weapons of any kind, or objects that can be used as weapons. So no pen knifes or other sharp objects, including certain belt buckles.
  • bring any luggage.
  • take photographs or make recordings of any kind.
  • bring anything that is unlawful according to U.S. and/or Dutch law. You will be turned away and will need to make a new appointment. All items you bring to the Consulate are subject to inspection.
  • bring large amounts of cash. Although some consular fees may be paid in cash, there is no need to bring more than you need.  Most fees can also be paid by credit card (NOT by PIN Card).
  • bring your animal/pet. We do allow service animals.
  • bring skate boards or similar wheeled devices.
  • bring motorcycle, scooter or bicycle helmets.
  • use your phone at the window. Unless authorized to do so by a consular employee, the use of an electronic device at the consular window is not permitted.


  • bring your appointment confirmation print out. If you forgot to print this, tell the guards right away so they can check our entry list.
  • bring the correct format passport photo. Or you may need to reschedule.
  • bring only what you need for your U.S. Citizen Service, Notary Service or Visa Service.
  • bring your wallet and keep it on when entering our waiting room you as you will be asked to pay for your service.
  • bring your phone, but turn your Bluetooth off.
  • bring your wheelchair, electrical device for medical reason (with statement from physician) or service animal if you require it. You can also bring someone to assist you if necessary for health reasons, but make sure they bring identification.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in the forfeiture of your appointment.  For reasons of security, we retain the right to amend this policy at any time and/or prohibit the introduction of electronic devices in individual cases. The consulate is unable to store items.

Consulate personnel is not responsible for anything you bring with you, be it cash, documents, personal belongings or equipment.

Who can enter the Consulate?

  • People with an appointment for a consular service (visa, passport, notary appointment) and if necessary witnesses . No family members except parents of a minor
  • If the applicant does not speak English or Dutch he/she can bring an interpreter although we prefer this person not to be a direct family member and he/she should bring identification
  • One assistant to a disabled person, he/she should bring identification

Once Inside

  • For any U.S. citizen service or notary service (including social security applicants), proceed to the smaller waiting room and line up at window 5 until you have been assisted by a staff member
  • Visa applicants: Remain in the large waiting room and wait for your number to be called to windows one or two
  • For Immigrant Visa applicants: you will receive directions on where to go, from our guards.  You can then take a seat and wait for your name to be called