Educational Exchange

The United States of America offers many study opportunities. If you are currently enrolled in a Dutch or other non-American university, you may consider taking part in an exchange program through your institution.

If you are still a high school student or have already graduated from university, then you must arrange for admissions on your own. You may also consider taking part in an exchange program offered by a private organization or by using the services of a commercial placement organization. Whatever option you choose, basic knowledge of the U.S. system of higher education is necessary.

The Fulbright Center in Amsterdam is well prepared to help you along the way, offering a wide range of services, such as a well stocked documentation center, referral services and professional advice. Basic information is offered for free, advanced services for an affordable price

American studies is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the study of the United States. It incorporates the study of economics, history, literature, art, the media, film, urban studies, women’s studies, anthropology and culture of the United States, among other fields.

American Studies Masters programs in the Netherlands: