E Visa Innovation: Introducing Certificate of Enrollment

E-Visa Innovation

In Summer 2017, the Amsterdam E Visa Unit is rolling out a new program that should both improve customer service and ensure integrity in the visa review process. The Amsterdam E Visa Unit is granting a Certificate of Enrollment to previously approved E Visa companies which meet certain standards. This enrollment is based on the company’s investment in the U.S., history of U.S. operations, and proven profitability. Enrollment will typically be valid for periods of 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years.

A Certificate of Enrollment permits future applicants with the same company to apply with a reduced document package, and starting on or about August 1 to schedule their own appointments via U.S. Visa Info. Applicants employed by companies without a valid Certificate of Enrollment must submit a complete application and wait to be invited for an appointment. Each company’s Certificate of Enrollment has a validity date. Until the end of this validity period, future applicants with the same company may apply for an E visa with a reduced application package.

The Amsterdam E Visa Unit has emailed the Certificate of Enrollment as well as application instructions to both the company contact on file and the company’s legal representative. If our office does not have this information on file, we email the Certificate of Enrollment to the most recently approved E visa applicant with the company.

Important notes:

  • The company must notify the Amsterdam E Visa Unit of any significant changes to ownership structure, particularly if the percentage of Dutch ownership drops below 50%.
  • The first applicant after the expiration date of the Certificate of Enrollment must submit a complete E visa application, including ownership documents, the same as an applicant employed by a company without a valid Certificate of Enrollment.  The company may or may not be granted a new Certificate of Enrollment after review of a new, complete application. Review of a complete application currently takes approximately 8 weeks, so please plan accordingly.
  • The Consulate may require a company to submit a complete application at any time.
  • All E-1 and E-2 visa applicants require an in-person interview at the consulate in Amsterdam.

If a company is enrolled in an E visa program at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in a country other than the Netherlands, then the applicant may either apply in the country of enrollment with that office’s requirements or the applicant may submit a complete application in Amsterdam as an employee of a company without a valid Certificate of Enrollment.

Think your company qualifies for a Certificate of Enrollment in Amsterdam?
Companies that have had E visa issued for owners, executives or employees in the past 2 years, still have an active U.S. subsidiary, and have invested substantially in U.S. operations can expect to be informed by August 1 of Certificate of Enrollment status. Haven’t been contacted by August 1 and think your company may merit a Certificate of Enrollment?  Feel free to contact us at AmsterdamEvisas@state.gov.

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